Watch your Python run like a movie.

NOTE: Livepython is alpha software. It doesn't handle a lot of edge cases and features may change.

Livepython is a desktop app that lets you visually trace, in real-time, the execution of a Python program. In addition, it can track changes in global and local variables as your program is running. Livepython is meant to give you a quick grasp of a program's execution flow. It's less messy than sprinkling print statements throughout your code and se-l6/maIaehr-py-l6/m ee geeee:6/maIaeh6z">!Oltpsecaaunched from, in comm-of-discuas easily as:geeee:6re>om/agermani[ick gra] [args...] e:6/Controls:gestrong>geeee:6/SPACE: Play/Paand seeion of a geeee:6/meft/Rctic Arrow: C it c speed't haf a prog geeee:6/V: Open/Close Vbal and Inspt="httgeeee:vepython